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Take or select pictures then combine them with your travel notes to create a Trekle.


An interactive map of your Trekle is generated based on geolocation information.

Capture your Trekle


Life is all about the journey, and with Trekler's mobile app, capturing it is a cinch. Take or select several photos from your adventure, whether it's an out-of-country excursion of just dinner down the street. Add a few anecdotes and hashtags to personalize it.

Capture your Trekle
Map your Trekle


By using geolocation info, Trekler automatically generates an interactive map marking your various visits and vistas, which are then linked together into a short-form story or mini travel guide. If only that Magellan guy had been so lucky...

Map your Trekle
Share your Trekle


We make it easy to share your Trekle across your social networks and with friends and family. And speaking of sharing, we want to share the app with you. That's why it's completely free... woohoo!

*par-tay, shindig, hullaballoo, get-together, happening, kerfuffle... got a better synonymn?